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Located on the northside of the quaint little town Palmer Lake, Colorado, sits the most charming gift store you could ever imagine. Finders Keepers Local Gift Shop is definitely a favorite local business of mine. I had always known about it and wanted to check it out, but never got around to it until last spring. My son had become best friends with the owner's daughter and he kept talking about the shop and the lovely family who runs it. I knew I had to visit. I remember the first time I went in... I didn't even know where to begin. The inside is fairly small, yet the shop is filled with home decor, jewelry, personal items such as mittens and t-shirts, local honey, candles, pottery, wind chimes and so much more. Many items are locally made or made in Colorado. We have been fortunate enough to become family friends with the shop owners and I have worked up a gift for mRose Property Promotions to offer exclusively to friends, family and close clients. This gift was already mailed out, but it's not too late. Sign up to be on my mailing list and receive this gift plus local information that affects the housing market in the Colorado Spring Metro.

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Caution: Housing Market Correction Ahead

roller coaster

I hate to use the word "crash." Every 4, 6, or 8 years the U.S. economy (average is 5.5 years) goes through an economic cycle. One cycle contains a period of economic expansion, followed by a period of economic contraction. The housing market will typically follow along. These downturns are needed "corrections." Housing prices here in Colorado Springs have been increasing 6% to 10% each year since 2012. I just read a statistic that showed an average housing price increase of over 11% from September 2019 to September 2020 in the Colorado Spring housing market. This is unsustainable and puts the American dream of owning a home out of reach for most couples. Whether it's a war, faulty mortgage lending, or a pandemic, various events will trigger the expansion and contraction of the economy. It is a roller coaster, for sure, and I believe we are at the top of a downturn. Don't panic. Instead, be strategic in working with the housing market correction.

Homeowners, if you are thinking of making a move in the next two years, catch the top of the downturn and list your home sooner than later. Otherwise prepare to spend some time in your home and avoid selling at the low point. During a downturn focus on DIY projects, update your home, and create that favorite space that won't make you feel trapped in your home.

"Don't panic. Instead, be strategic in working with the housing market correction."

Buyers, hang on. We are finally going to move toward a, much needed, buyer’s market. We’re not there yet, but sadly, the pandemic is causing a rise in foreclosures and “on hold” status for sellers. Many people are trying to wait the pandemic out before listing their home for sale. For now, rent. You’ll likely get that $15,000, you sank into a lease, back when home prices are selling under asking price and selection is better. You’ll save money by finding homes already updated, eliminating the process of you settling for an outdated home that needs $30,000 in upgrades.

Don’t fall for the media induced panic. Use this time to plan, educate and grow personally. Try to enjoy the ride and remember: History shows that what goes down, does go back up, even higher than before.

If you need help with your real estate planning during these unstable times, contact me.

Refer to Jay Adkisson’s article to hear another perspective:


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Fall Stats 2020


I recently mailed out a real estate statistics report featuring charts showing the latest numbers in Colorado Springs area real estate, These stats were pulled from the Pikes Peak MLS for the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.

Homes (Listed) For Sale: Shows a severe shortage of homes available for purchase. This will keep prices high as demand stays higher than supply. Inventory, in the area, has been low for several years but, speculations have said the Corona Virus is today’s cause for the severe shortage.

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Week Ending 7/18/2020
Tech & Healthcare jobs dominated new job postings last week for the Colorado Springs area.
Future Sight of Penrose - St. Francis' 3rd Hospital
Future Sight of Penrose - St. Francis' 3rd Hospital

Although local restaurants, bars and retail stores are suffering due to the Corona Virus, military bases and the support needed in the surrounding community continues to operate and expand. The Colorado Springs Business Journal wrote: “The Business Journal’s editorial board recently pointed to the Pikes Peak region’s strong military presence as one reason Colorado Springs is more insulated from wild economic swings.” Colorado Springs is home to 4 major bases; Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, United State Air Force Academy, Schriever Air Force Base, and was recently awarded to be the home of the U.S. Space Command for the next 6 years. In December of 2019 Congress passed a Defense Policy Bill that established the United States Space Force. In the Bill it designates the Air Force Space Command to partially evolve into this new Space Force.


According to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, once fully up and running, the United States Space Force will total 15,000 in personnel. When “Space Force” is typed into a job search for Colorado Springs on Indeed, it results in 81 active job postings as of the day of this writing. Job postings in the last week for employment on the local bases totaled 71 on and local contractors such as Jacobs, Caci and Linquest posted many positions likely related to staffing up for the new Space Force.

UC Health Sports Medicine Clinic is being built right next to their Grandview Hospital
UC Health Sports Medicine Clinic

With consistent paychecks coming in for these military and contractor families through the pandemic, the demand for support in the local community is still viable. From fast food, to retail, to healthcare, these families have spending power. One industry showing strong evidence of the demand is healthcare. Centura Health and UC Health are amongst the many healthcare providers investing and expanding in the metro area. UC Health’s Sports Medicine Clinic, located near North Nevada & I-25, is well into its construction phase. The facility is set to be a 65,000 square foot medical office building mostly dedicated to sports medicine. In addition, Centura Health anticipates to build a hospital with up to a 300 - bed capacity, at the intersection of I-25 and Interquest. This would be the third hospital for Penrose St. Francis Services, owned and operated by Centura Health. UC Health is last week’s top job poster along with Centura Health and Anthem ranking in the top 15.

Continued opportunity in Colorado Springs during the pandemic is appealing to many across the nation. With over 300 days of sun, endless activities available for all, and open jobs for any age, what’s not to love.

Check out the complete list of top job posters:
  1. UCHealth – 59 new jobs posted, Industry: Healthcare
  2. Oracle – 46 new jobs posted Industry: Corporate Information Technology
  3. Jacobs – 39 new jobs posted  Industry: Government & Science Technology Services
  4. CACI International – 36 new jobs posted  Industry: Government & Science Technology Services
  5. Anthem – 32 new jobs posted  Industry: Healthcare
  6. Goodwill – 31 new jobs posted  Industry: National Nonprofit for Community Programs
  7. Fort Carson – 28 new jobs posted  Industry: Army Military Base
  8. Centura Health – 27 new jobs posted  Industry: Healthcare
  9. Papa Murphys  – 26 new jobs posted  Industry: Fast Food Restaurants
  10. King Soopers – 25 new jobs posted  Industry: Grocery Stores
  11. Taco Bell – 23 new jobs posted  Industry: Fast Food Restaurants
  12. The Broadmoor – 22 new jobs posted  Industry: Resort/Hospitality
  13. LinQuest – 20 new jobs posted  Industry: Government & Science Technology Services
  14. US Air Force Academy – 19 new jobs posted  Industry: Military/Educational Campus
  15. Popeyes – 14 new jobs posted  Industry: Fast Food Restaurants
LinQuest is one of the many contractors working on the set up for the U.S. Space Force
LinQuest is one of the contractors supporting the establishment of Space Force

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I'm off and running. I've recently registered mRose Property Promotions LLC with the Colorado Secretary of State. I've had my real estate license reactivated for a while, but now I am officially an Independent Real Estate Broker in the State of Colorado. I'm excited to be offering real estate services to the Colorado Springs Metro area. Since I live in Monument, Colorado, neighborhoods north of Downtown Colorado Springs will be my niche. In addition, while working as a leasing agent, I spoke with many people trying to relocate to Colorado Springs from out of state. Having gone through this myself many years ago, I know how difficult that can be. As a result, I will be offering personal assistance for folks trying to relocate to the Colorado Springs Metro area. From providing resources to research schools & crime, to sending video of an apartment they are considering, I will be working with people, one on one, to get them settled into the area. I ask that you please support me on this adventure. Please send any advice. Poke around my developing website. (It’s far from perfect and will be changing weekly) I hope to be blogging and sharing some valuable information about the area. Please send me an email to be notified about a new article I’ve written. Thanks for checking things out. I value your thoughts and opinions!

10 Ideas for Newsletter Content


Newsletters don't have to be complicated or overly time consuming to put together. The key is to have a few consistant subjects and feature articles. Repeat them monthly and basically fill in the blanks with new photos, new, neighborhood, etc. Here are some I use for real estate newsletters. If you have a good topic, please share with me!

1. Remodel Before and After

Use this section to feature local contractors and create relationships with other businesses in the area to cross-sell. Remind your clients to contact you before starting any project because they may not get a decent return on investment.

2. Neighborhood Market Summary

Do a quick CMA of a neighborhood you work or would like to work. Create a chart showing average price of homes for sale, homes sold, and days on market.

3. NAR, CAR and PPAR!

These organizations post material specifically for REALTORS to use in their own posts or newsletters. They are usually very informative articles about trends and the market.

4. Real Estate Cartoon or Joke

Keep it light and have fun. Put something in your newsletter to make people smile.

5. Calendar of Local Events

Don't post everything but feature some really big special events and definitely post anything related to real estate, like garden shows, home improvement shows and home tours.

These are Great, but How Do I Personalize It! Read On!

6. Just Listed

Feature a home you recently listed or sold. Don't have one? Ask a co-worker if you could feature one of theirs.

7. New Buyer Experience

Ask a buyer to show and talk about their favorite feature of their new home. Be sure to put in photos and/ or a video. Photo/Video.

8. Offer a Coupon

Offer a coupon to one of your favorite restaurants or businesses. Or, buy tickets to movie and give them away to the ?th person to contact you.

9. Pets Reporting Live

Feature a fun story about a past buyer’s pet. Where do they spend their time? What’s their favorite window to look out of. Be sure to add a picture

10. Your Story

Don't like to write? Keep it easy and just tell a story about something fun or positive that happened in your business. Perhaps it was a cat that surprised you on a showing, or you hit an all time high for sales. Just a paragraph is enough.

Be sure to have a lot of call to action buttons encouraging people to get in touch with you. Although creating a newsletter takes some effort, it keeps you in your client's mind. It's perfect for drip marketing, which is so vital to a business. If you need help contact me today. I create the content monthly for the first 5 segments suggested above. Pick on of the next 5 to personalize it and a you are ready to go! Check out my e-newsetter package, on my packages page.

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Real Estate Flyer Template


I had the pleasure of designing this for Healee Engel, Realtor with Metro Brokers. I'm offering this design as a template. It features 5 photos on a two sided 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, a Quick Facts section, description section and contact info box. This is an uncluttered, clean design that provides easy flow for the eye to catch the most important information about your listing. Contact me if you would like this flyer made for your listing. $47.00 includes 25 color prints delivered free to 80132, 80133, 80920, 80921 or 80118.